I’ve Been Encouraged to Encourage Life

~ History, research, and prayer can sure open your mind to something thats been right in front of you. Read on and allow me to explain.

I’ve been pulled toward looking into something lately that has been on my heart for years.
It’s something that I was part of many years ago that I am encouraged to be, Lord willing, part of again: encouraging Pro-life.

If you read, then you know why I wound up going to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. That place is the background to what I’m now digging deeper into. It’s what I’ve held to for years; Pro-life.

Doing Pro-Life research lately had me touch base with different groups. That led an organization called Students for Life. to ask me to share my story last week, via Zoom, to a great batch of local college students. An encouraging hour I’ll never forget.
I look forward to giving more talks with more of their groups around the country! Doing that research also opened up more doors to different Pro-Life organizations, sharing my story via podcast, newsletters, and more.

Sure, there’s more I could say about all this, but no. Right now I would much rather just focus on the main reason behind my story, my time, and my prayers. That reason? Because…

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