My Baby and The Bandaid

~ A new life of mine began March 9th, 1987, at the age of nineteen. That new life? I became a new mother. Find out how this one little bandaid changed my way of thinking that unforgetable day.

An earlier post shared what happened when one unforgettable hour of puuuuushing took place. You now get to read what came shortly after.

I was holding my seven pound, three ounce daughter who turned my Me, Myself and I, into Me, My Baby, and God. God showed me even more He was right there along side me as this new chapter of my life began.

My doctor, mother, and sister were close by oohing and awing for a while, but eventually, they left. It was then in that room that this new mother/daughter feeling of mine began to grow. Those first 45 minutes of just us two I’ll never forget. My thoughts were overflowing with thanks to God for making the labor go for only six hours.

But it didn’t take long before a few practical parts of my new Marianne Now-A-Mom Houstoun’s life took over.

How is this entire nursing thing going to go? Do I have enough stuff at the house I need? What about the Father? I soon need to tell him about all this.

Practical thoughts began piling up even more as I saw more paperwork on the table.

Oh, great. A list of things I need to buy. That means money! When should I begin looking for a job? Will Mom and Dad help buy the baby food if nursing doesn’t work out? Should I get these other baby needs on this list right here? How tough is it going to be using cloth diapers? I need to plan the doctor’s visit soon. And after that . . .

On and on and on went my list.

These thoughts began taking my attention away from who I was holding. I found myself gazing at this tiny person while pondering on the huge responsibilities I began foreseeing. While looking across the table at more items, my eyes suddenly stopped.


One extra small bandaid by itself was outside a box that held more.
“This is so tiny!”
Those little bandaids stopped my brain from sinking into discouraging darkness. That little bandaid I couldn’t help but hold was what God used to tell me to stop worrying, and instead think of that little treasure He had given me.

And man, did it work. I instantly calmed down, going back to cherishing that time right then and there. That tiny bandaid had me focus once again on what was most important; this new life I was holding. That’s what was most important. Looking at that bandaid confirmed one thing; it wasn’t just my daughter and me from that day forward, but my daughter, myself, our Heavenly Father, and, of course, that little box of bandaids.

Do you have something simple you’ve seen in past years that you’ll never forget? Think of a time when worry was all around you when, out of the blue, something showed up and became that unexpected breath of fresh air. Tell us what it was! Your story might help others see how God can use the simplest things in life to show us He cares.

Read more of my story from my book – my memoir – God and My Pillow.


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