My ‘First-Time-as-a Mom’ List Grows

As soon as a woman’s first baby is born, the new mother finds herself doing many this-and-thats for the first time. Time now I begin sharing a few first-timers of mine as my life as a 19 year old mother began.

That first step into my house carrying my 24 hour-old daughter I will never forget. I grew up in that house thinking only of myself. But as soon as I opened that door that day, my selfish-self had to be left outside. I walked into my home for the very first time, holding my baby who gave me the new title ‘Mother’.

Those first few minutes in that home I don’t dare explain right now. My book reveals what made that entrance unforgettable. But thankfully, I finally sat down for the first time holding my baby with family members all around.
The record breaker for the Most Three-Worded Sentence ever said In 30 Minutes took place in that room.
That sentence? SHE’S SO ADORABLE!

But finally, after an hour or so, it was time I faced one of the most uncomfortable First Timers.

I still remember how I felt as if it was just last week. I’ll let my book show you what I was thinking.

I experienced my first time saying, “I gotta go upstairs now and feed the baby.” But the best way to word it would have been, “I gotta go upstairs now and be totally uncomfortable and unsure of what the heck I’m doing.”

Notice I said ‘feed my baby.’ Admitting I was going to ‘Nurse’ was just too awkward for me to say.
Yes, I nursed in the hospital but only with someone there guiding me in how it was to be done. So that time at the house was majorly awkward! Heck, I wasn’t even 20! How could I easily admit I was going to (gulp) NURSE!
I wanted to come across to my family like I new what I was doing so I did my darnedest to hide my fear.

Of course I can’t explain here what had taken place those first few days trying to nurse. My book describes those extremely tough first two days. But don’t worry. Things got better almost instantly. I’ll Let this photo tell you what my mom gave me.

She knew the perfect time to stop my tears and make me the happiest 19 yr old mom in the world who instantly loved her own mom even more.


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