“Marianne, you need to write a book about what you went through,” was what I often heard shortly after my life as a mother began. “They need to see how God carried your trough it all.” As a few more years went by, a few obvious things kept popping up that made it a must I finally get this book together.
Also, I’ve always had the passion to help others going through tougher-than-normal trials, and if my story could do that, then writing God and My Pillow was a must. After all, aren’t those the two that knew all my thoughts?

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About Marianne

~ I’ve been sharing my book/story via Podcast, Zoom meetings, websites, newsletters, and more.
~ Soon you can catch me ‘in person’ reading little parts of my book via youtube, giving a taste of why you’ll want to get this memoir in your own hands.
~ My husband and I live in SeaTac, Washington; a few miles away from where my story took place.
~ Mother of four adult children. (The first being the one in my story.)
~ A devoted grandmother to my 5 grandkids!
~ If free time is at hand, (notice I said ‘IF’) I love going where there’s sunshine to soak up, beautiful water to gaze at, and a good book or paper & pen in hand.
But most likely I’m just relaxing on our couch while playing Spider Solitaire on my phone.
And, believe it or not, I might actually have a (I still can’t believe it.) cup of coffee in my hand. If you read my book, you know why that’s a bit of a shock.

~ Let’s Keep In Touch

The best way to connect is via email at marianne@mariannesmemoirs.com
Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and check out more on YouTube.