What I Learned From One Little Boy

~ Do you recall learning something from a little child that, years later, is still glued to your heart? Keep reading to find out what that something was I learned.

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I’ve Been Encouraged to Encourage Life

~ History, research, and prayer can sure open your mind to something thats been right in front of you. Read on and allow me to explain.

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Worry Turned into Peace

Woman's head laying down while thinking

~ As months of my unwanted pregnancy went by, I surrounded myself with Woe-Is-Me and What-If thoughts. Time I share how that began to change.

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My Weight of Worries During My Pregnancy

~ Read and find out why the weight of worries increased right along with my weight during my teen pregnancy.

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First Time ‘Pregnant’ Goes In My Journal

Your Journal Holds All Your Thoughts

~ Time again I share a bit from my journal. Time now to read what my heart was putting on paper during my pregnancy.

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Noticeable Blessing During My Unplanned Pregnancy (Part 5)

woman standing on weigher

~ “I love all the weight I’m gaining in this unplanned pregnancy,” said no one ever. Why am I bringing that up now? Continue reading and find out.

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